Media Influencers to consider while launching an app in the Egyptian Market

Wednesday 19, April 2017

So your ready to hit the Egyptian Start-up market, huh? Below are the suggested media outlets to have your product or service featured in when launching your new venture in Egypt.

Are you ready, set….go

1. CAIRO360

Cairo 360 is a strong, local, media outlet that specializes in providing the 360 experience of getting the most out of your living in Cairo. Known especially for it’s food awards, it also provides weekly updates on the latest events, destinations as well as upcoming trends in technology & business. Their post may not cover entrepreneurship as frequently, but don’t let that discourage you from reaching out. They have very high traffic and engagement on their website. If your product/ service is catering to the younger Egyptian crowed, highly suggest you get on their map.


We love these guys! Not only does their content cover the heart of entrepreneurship media in Egypt but it also lets the entrepreneurs themselves contribute to the articles. Learn, connect, write and discover all about the entrepreneur scene in Egypt all through their website.


Daily News Egypt is a very active media outlet in the political, economic as well as the business sector in Egypt. Getting on their map definitely gives you access to older crowd and brands you as “the next best thing” to watch out for.


Mada Masr has a more niche approach about the people and stories they cover. They are heavy in social entrepreneurship, local markets, emerging and past art forms and an overall media voice for the community of Egypt. If your product or service in any way helps the local community, Mada Masr may be a great fit for your next venture. However, if you unsure on the value your project generates for your community and just want to have a talk, don’t even waste your time. These guys know the value they want to perpetuate with every article that is written and you should too

when it comes to your business before approaching them.


What Women Want is definitely a wild card when comes to their content. Yes, as you can see from the title, their blog’s target demographic are mainly women but their content isn’t always gender specific. Their article topics range from media coverage on local artisan to Cairo culture, to upcoming start-ups and than back to social media trends. Recently the the website has been covering more entrepreneurship initiatives but usually have to be on trend with the next best thing or have a strong fashion related initiative.


Cairo Scene is the “IT” place for coverage for anyones business. Their writers and content are heavy in the lifestyle category but so is their coverage on entrepreneurship. Getting on their article coverage opens many doors for your business.

However, only approach them when you are truly ready to start receiving traffic or you are gearing up to launch your product/service and have an exact date or month when it will be ready. You do not want to miss the lead generation opportunity that comes from getting on their map.


Wamda’s database of start-up launching, regionally has been very strong through the years. To be on Wamda a year ago was to be on Forbes of the Middle East. Even though they are a regional online website, they are still considered one of the top media places you should you get your business featured. No only can it bring traffic to your business but can also put you on an investors radar as well.