Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is all around us, it is just in a very basic form. Recently, this field has excelled and various techniques were developed to get the machines truly thinking. It is quite scary to think about, however, humanity can really benefit from it, not to mention businesses as well. With Neural Networks, Deep Machine Learning and various other adaptive techniques. AI can serve various use cases that could be of true value to businesses. For example, you can create an automated bot that can replace around 5 agents serving your customers, or you can spot fraudulent transactions using pattern recognition algorithms powered by AI.

Social Diggr is a social listening platform powered by artificial intelligence to analyze your company’s social networks by digging into your page(s) comments, posts, replies and other sources of data and coming up with advanced analytics about the sentiments of the customers ( Positive, Neutral, Negative ).Using the powerful AI engines that learns based on your customers’ profiles, Social Diggr allows you to sort up your big fans ( so you can reward their loyalty ) and zoom in on your biggest critics ( so you can make them feel good about your brand again).

Industry :social-communities

Year :2018

Technology :Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning