Odiggo Web Application

Odiggo is a mega eCommerce shop for car parts in Egypt. We built this project with special attention to SEO in mind, as the project's users are from a certain class, their access to the website will be mainly through google.  Therefore, we pumped up our w3 schemas, accelerated mobile pages, our unique meta description and a lot of other hardwiring for the platform to excel on SEO. Not only that, but we used a very simple design that the users will find familiar ( car parts store ) where vendors can access it on any device. With proper SEO, a consultation session with our Adwords Certified parters and a unique simple design. Odiggo completed 25 purchases in the first week of its launch. Currently, we are building Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the platform to recommend products that are related to each other by brand and bunch of selling history from other users.

Industry :Automotive

Year :2018

Technology :Wordpress, SEO, Adwords, Google Webmasters, Schema.org, Multi-Vendor Management

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