Worc App

Worc was built to be a local freelancing platform powered by geolocation features to help people find each other efficiently. With Worc, you can outsource your projects starting from creating your own website, get a graphic designer, build an app that utilieses blockchain, AI, or VR from the comfort of your home. Not only that, but with work you can actually outsource daily tasks like cleaning your apartment or sending an envelope of papers for your clients. Worc was built using PHP as the backend programming language, we used Mysql as a database and a combination of Redis and Nosql database to store users' locations. The iOS was built with Swift 2 as at the time of creation, Swift 3 and Swift 4 were not yet released. As for the Android version, we used native Java to build the Android application. Worc does not only cater for clients and freelancers, there is a special web app for sub-contractors too to manage their fleet. We used Angular JS to build the subcontractors' dashboard to maintain efficiency and speed of the contractors experience.

Industry :Outsourcing

Year :2016

Technology :Mobile Development, Swift, iOS, Php

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